Saturday, April 15, 2006

This month's Audrey

I almost forgot...Most of you have heard my recap about following around Dr. Kim -- Rep. Mike Honda, four rocking nuns and cult-followers all in one week-- for a freelance assignment for Audrey magazine. Well, the magazine is on newsstands now at Borders and possibly Barnes & Noble. The piece isn't as gushy as some other past Trailblazer features. But I didn't exactly go all Rolling-Stone-on-Scientology. I put in enough details so that people can either think she's really amazing or really odd. But you guys are truly in the know. Everything I relayed to you, I couldn't fit into the article. And if you're a student or staff member of Dr. Kim's and you're reading this--um...when I say 'cult,' I mean cult as in a follower of culture. Yes, that's it.Posted by Picasa

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Jocelyn said...

I liked your piece, Terry. It struck a nice balance, covering her life and accomplishments while pointing out some of the more 'colorful' elements of her story. Good writing too.