Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Moment of Silence for 4BAK007

This morning, I went to the DMV...I'm sorry, I mean the Motor Vehicle Division. Unfortunately, the branches closer to me are closed on Saturday. So, I had to go to the one in South Central Phoenix. Now, I'm not implying anything about the people who go there or work there. But the place smelled like pee. That aside, it went okay. Except I didn't know that when you get a new license plate, you have to give your old one back. I thought you could keep them like accessories and just mix and match according to what state you're in. I at least thought we could keep license plates as souvenirs. I guess I was sorta sad about giving it back--it would make the whole move that much more real. And the purple cacti on my new license plate did not help. I am not a cactus kind of person. But I suppose we all get accustomed to change. At least I'll get to keep my California driver's license.


suzanne said...

License plates with cacti? The things they make state residents do! I'm sorry. I'm trying to picture you driving around with that. Kinda funny in a cute way. But I'm still sorry for your loss.

Jocelyn said...

When I moved back to Calif. from Hawaii (brought my car over on a ship) I had to give up my license plate featuring King Kamehameha. Now *that* was a loss, let me tell you. :)

I don't understand why cacti in Arizona are purple though. What is the cause for this madness?? lol.

wootang said...

Oh Joceyln, that does sound painful. I think it's wrong they take the plates back.

Well, at least I have my UCLA Alumni license plate frame. As long as there's a Cali fingerprint somewhere on my car.