Friday, December 14, 2012

!@#$% non-Asians say to me Episode 3

So, last night I went to our office Christmas party--which was in our building. I did NOT like the food but when you order from Safeway, can't expect much. This sounds sad but I stopped by my apartment complex Christmas party just because I was hoping they would have better food. I had to find something to cancel out the bland dinner I had (It's never good when food comes from the same color wheel) where there weren't even any vegetables. Most of the food was gone at the second party. But I at least got some salad and spinach enchiladas. Unfortunately I ended up sitting down next to some 50-something year old dude named Tony, who was leaning a little too close into my personal space.

Tony: "Are you the one who's always working out next to me in the gym room?"
Me: "No. I work out outside."
Tony: "Oh. Too bad."

A few sentences after that...
Tony: "So, what ethnicity are you?"
Me: "Chinese."
Tony: "My last girlfriend was Korean."
Thought going thru my head: "Who cares? What does that have to do with anything?"
Tony: "She was actually half Korean and half Nebraskan. She was high maintenance."
Thought in my head: "Is Nebraskan an ethnicity?"
What I said: "Sorry?"
Tony: "I once had a Chinese girlfriend. I met her in Kualalumpur."
Thought running thru my head: "Did you have to give your credit card number?"
What I said: "Oh."

Anyone who knows me, knows that if I'm giving monosyllabic answers, I am NOT having a good time. Despite all that *scintillating* conversation, when I got up with the excuse of getting a drink, Tony said "Be sure to come back and sit here. I think you're cool." Blech.