Monday, October 29, 2007

Meet the eighth dwarf: Mopey

Once in a while, if I'm really frustrated, I fantasize about somehow being able to look down at the Earth, the stars, the moon and anything that comprises the universe and wield a gigantic middle finger. This is one of those times.

Sorry if I sound like a real "female dog." But I feel like the last 10 days have been somewhat unlucky for me. I'd say incredibly unlucky, but all those people who lost their homes last week in San Diego County and in other parts of So Cal are going through such an ordeal. I can't imagine -- no home, no tangible mementos, almost like your past has been erased. It's because of them that I hope to pick myself up soon and be the big girl I know I can be.

Ever since I pushed myself to jog/walk two Saturdays ago, my shins haven't stopped feeling weird. They hurt pretty bad for the first four days. Today, not so bad but I feel a pulling or tugging sensation in both shins and I just want to know that's normal and nothing to worry about. I've been so psyched about doing this half-marathon. But now I've fallen a bit behind on the training. I have all these concerns that a) I may have done long-term damage to my legs, b)I won't be able to run in the half marathon at all. It's "b" that makes me tear up when I think about it too long. I'll feel like a big fat Failure if I don't get to run it. I wish I could rewind and start this whole process all over.

What else? Oh, a pair of sandals I wore a week ago have given me a rash. Unbeknownst to me, I'm allergic to the dye or something. So, it hurts to walk and the itching is driving me nuts. And this morning, I tried to open a package with a knife and I stabbed my left index finger. It wasn't like I needed to go to the ER but it was definitely more than a little nick. I found nothing in the medicine cabinet but an empty band-aid box. I about lost it. Anyway, I think I have to see a doctor and try to cheer up. I spent most of the weekend sequestered in my apartment with the blinds turned, practicing for my retirement as the grumpy and frumpy old lady who warns the neighborhood kids to get off my property.

Sigh...I don't even have the will to bake and it's Halloween. Doesn't matter. I don't have an audience to bake for. I'd just be stuck with like 8 cupcakes for myself. I don't like it when I'm like this. The things I don't like about Arizona and being here seem to get magnified five times.

Well, guess that's all for now. I need to go write to Santa and ask him for an improved attitude for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Story that comes in 'Spades'

When I woke up yesterday, I wasn't thinking "Gee, maybe I'll talk to David Spade today." Yes, David "Tommy Boy" Spade. Very random. I spotted an item on one of those gossip sites about him supposedly donating $25,000 to the family of a slain Phoenix police officer's family. So, I followed up on it and his publicist hooked me up with him over the phone.

He sounded pretty tired; he was in the middle of shooting an episode of "Rules of Engagement." So, it really was good of him to make time to speak with me. He's always had a soft spot for cops. Some crazed fan broke into his home in LA a few years ago. He very nonchalantly told me how they helped him when someone was trying to kill him. I didn't know how to reply to that.

Professionally, it was good for me as I had a spot story that went on the national wire and People magazine used it too (though the person who recast it for the site gave herself a byline...tsk, tsk). Here's a link to the story:
Comedian David Spade donates $25K to family of slain officer

I just got a reminder this morning that AP staffers who keep social networking sites or blogs need to be careful about what they discuss--no political affiliations or stands on controversial public issues or details of AP internal operations. So far, I think I've been pretty good about that. I'm a registered Independent. I stand for the two-party system--Friday and Saturday nights. Sorry, a cheesy joke I remember from a history/civics textbook. I haven't talked about my co-workers too much--not that there's a lot to say. I've only repeated things they were open about.

Oh, but I would think it's cool to put links to my stories. Speaking of, I just got paid for a feature story I pitched on girls PE incorporating self-defense classes. (Gym classes about playing it safe)
The extra money I made will cover my registration fee for the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon.

My training so far has been going okay. I just need to watch my shins. So far, the longest I've run/walked is still 6.2 miles. There are times where I'm tempted to flake on days I'm supposed to run. I know this is silly but the way I remind myself to stay in check is once a week, I will put on this dress I have. I bought it like four or five years ago. I've never worn it because it's kind of fancy. I tried to put it on last December but the zipper just wouldn't close. In other words, my chest was too big. Well, last month, I found out it will now zip all the way (!) so I must have shed a bit somewhere, right? Anyway, I don't think it's shallow. This is about my health as well as fitting into said dress.