Sunday, May 03, 2009

The yummy smell of sweet success

I slept for more than six hours last night for the first time in like a week. So, I guess all this bake sale business was really getting to me. For those of you that don't know, I held it on Friday night in downtown Phoenix during the monthly art walk. (See previous entry for more details). Well, I'm excited to report that everything went awesomely! I'm really touched by how many times I've heard people say how proud they are of me. It's all kind of amazing.

First of all, I was positively blown away by how many baked goods I got. It wasn't just friends who came through, but friends/family of friends. There were oodles of chocolate chip cookies, brownies (plain, mint, cheesecake flavored), scones, banana bread, whoopie pies (East coast and southern cake-like cookie with cream), rice krispy treats (with sprinkles and/or M&Ms), coconut chocolate bars, Texas-size cupcakes. I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache (see pic) and vegan vanilla with vegan lemon frosting. If you came at the end of the night, you'd think we didn't do that well because we had a lot left. But it's only because there was so much.

OK, now for the explanation of the pink firetruck pictured above. The Sunday before my bake sale, I went shopping at Trader Joe's. When I came out of the store with all my groceries, I noticed a large vehicle driving down the street nearby. It was evening so it was kind of dark. So, I thought I was seeing things, especially because I've just been thinking about this sale and breast cancer. But I was somewhat flabbergasted at seeing a firetruck that was PINK and lugging a GIANT pink ribbon on a flatbed. Silly me thought I could find it after I put my groceries away. But of course by that time, it was long gone. Lucky for me, I remembered a URL painted on the ribbon. So when I got home, the reporter in me went online to do some research. I found Turns out a firefighter and his fiancee started this nonprofit for cancer awareness last year. They take this pink firetruck around the country in the fall. I took a chance and e-mailed the Web site and said "Hey, I saw your pink firetruck! It looks really cool. It made me think of my bake sale during First Friday this week." Half an hour later, the fiancee, Lisa, e-mails me back and says "Well, we are actually free this Friday if you want us there!" I practically wrote back "HELL YEAH!" The bonus: all they wanted to do was be allowed to sell their shirts and they'd give my sale 15 percent of the proceeds. I don't think they'll be showing up any other sales because mine is the only one in Phoenix proper. And the AZ point person for Bake for Hope told me the regional organizer was psyched and somewhat envious when she was told about my having a pink firetruck. Is it wrong that part of me is tee-heeing that my sale stood out? Everyone else just has to eat my confectioners sugar dust!! BWWWWAAAAA! Now a lot of people out here think I have some kind of cosmic connection with firefighters. It is kind of weird, I mean had I not gone out shopping or left TJs earlier/later, I would've missed out!

Lisa and her fiance, Dave (the firefighter driving the thing), were touched when I said "Having this pink firetruck here is the coolest thing to happen to me all week and this is coming from a girl who met Hugh Jackman on Monday!" LOL.
Tempe goes Hollywood for 'Wolverine'

Seriously, there are so many people who, without them, I could not have pulled this off. Especially my friends Daniel and Leah. You guys in Nor Cal, you might have met them at my birthday party. They stayed late at my place the night before making an amazing sign and cut and packaged some of the baked goods. They showed up early on Friday to set up, take photos and do sales. They brought serving trays, balloons and table cloths. The coolest part about it is that they just genuinely wanted to help; it wasn't like I was twisting their arms. Signs of true and truly great friends. I will be writing a lot of thank-you cards to a lot of people in the coming days.

I still can't believe we raised almost $450 with donations and people asking for less change. The whole experience has reminded me most people are genuinely kind and decent. I wish all my California friends and family could have been here to see me in action or help. Maybe some day I can hold one in the Bay Area. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I actually made a footprint on the community here in Phoenix--even if it was just for one evening. It's a nice feeling.

P.S. One of my fave blogs highlighted my cupcakes:
Cupcakes Take the Cake on Bake for Hope Just wanted to point out things like this always boost my ego! ;)