Sunday, January 24, 2010

A mural transformation

So, after a few months of back and forth coordinating, my lovely friend Angela, who lives in Tucson, was able to nail down a weekend to come and paint a mural in my new home. For the first time since the New Year, I feel like 2010 isn't such a bad year--maybe even pretty good. She, her husband, and 3-year-old son made the two-hour drive from Tucson to Phoenix on Friday evening. Alas, they had to get back Saturday night. So, basically Angela traveled four hours round trip and painted a huge mural all in 24 hours!

Angela and I met because as a photo/graphics assistant at the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, a subscriber to AP's content, she often took calls from me asking for stuff from the Star. Then we figured that IM was easier to correspond. Then we started IMing about non-work stuff like shopping, running and girly matters. I've often wished that we lived closer to each other; we've only spent time together a total of three times but I feel like it should be more. This project came out of my remarking over instant-messenger that I always thought it would be cool to have a mural in my home. And she offered. All I'd had to do was pay for the art supplies. I was like "DEAL!" I have to say, this mural is one of the nicest things anyone's ever done for me. Friday night, she used a projector I borrowed to outline a larger version of her illustration. Then on Saturday, she was sequestered from like 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m.. It was like having my own reality show, "Project Mural," hehe. And she was loads more fun to watch than Bob Ross (afro guy who's always painting rural landscapes from start to finish on public TV). While she was painting, she would occasionally stop and asked for my input; so, I could change my mind about the color of the saucer or an article of clothing. It was also cool to see her go back and revise things, like turn the corners up a little of a mouth to alter a facial expression.

Since the mural is on a wall behind the dining table, I knew I wanted some kind of food scene. So, I decided two modern-day looking gals enjoying food and conversation at an outdoor cafe. Angela, ever so thoughtful, actually asked me for a picture of a cupcake I've made so she could incorporate it into the mural. As you'll see, I think she did a great job depicting the cupcake. It sort of pops in the picture and she even used a little of the raspberry mousse shade I used for my living room wall.

This morning, I found myself actually wanting to sit down at the table to eat breakfast instead of standing in the kitchen like I usually do. I really feel like short of having the sun in my living room, this mural really brightens up the kitchen/dining area/living room. And in case you're wondering, the girls in the mural are not supposed to be Angela and me. They are "Everywomen," who judging by the picture, aren't afraid to enjoy some good ol' fashioned carbs, hehe. I really feel like my stamp is on my home now. If I ever sell, can someone lend me money to take the whole wall with me??

With the dining table put back...