Friday, April 21, 2006

Gelato = La Dolce Vita

There's always room for dessert of course. I was strongly encouraged by my friend Sandy to try The Gelato Spot. Lucky for me, the place is in the same plaza as Deluxburger. Funny...these two places share a shopping plaza with a Safeway. Back in Sunnyvale, my neighborhood Safeway shares lot space with a liquor store and the low-budget Asia Village. But, I digress.

The Gelato Spot definitely had a different vibe from Gelato Classico. They decorate each gelato display with fruit or syrup or chocolate--something that lets you know right away what flavor it is. As you can see, they really pile it on when you decide to combine two flavors. I had mint chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter. There are also flavors like rum raisin, pistacchio and almond snickers with real almond pieces. Guess I've found one place to hide from the evil summer temperatures. Posted by Picasa


Jocelyn said...

I have but one thing to say: Please pass the lactase! ;P

Looks yummy, Terry....

suzanne said...

That's great Terry. I wish our Safeway plazas had a few more interesting food stores in them. It's not hot here, yet, but I think I need to go have some ice cream, or find a good gelato store aroune me. I'm glad you're discovering where all the important places are around you.