Tuesday, January 01, 2013

!@#$% non-Asians say to me Episode 4

The other night, I had dinner with my journalist friend Tim. He's probably the most worldly guy I am friends with. No offense but if you think you should be in that category, just confirm to me whether you've ever covered stories in Libya or Afghanistan. Tim, who grew up in Bath, England, told me his mother used to tell him that she always thought Chinese people were "lucky." I was like "What?"
Here's a paraphrase of his explanation:
"She thought Chinese people were lucky. Whenever she saw one in the store, she would try to touch them ."
I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of this matronly British woman trying to more or less cop an (innocent) feel from a Chinese person. I figure maybe it seemed especially lucky as I doubt there were many Chinese people in a small town such as Bath (BTW, a lovely place to visit). Anyway, I'm sure there are millions of people in China who might not feel lucky all the time. I wonder how wide-spread this notion is. It could be a great excuse for a pervy guy with an Asian-girl fetish to pick up on a woman. Sorry, my mind always drifts to the darker corner. Well if someone ever tries that on me, he will find himself very UNLUCKY.

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