Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Can I buy you a drink...er...a morsel of food?

Let's face it. I'm inherently a good girl. There is a "nice" quality about myself that I can't shake. I realized this because twice in a couple weeks I've had men give me or insist on buying me food. It wasn't offered to me in a way like "hey baby, can I buy you a drink?" It was offered by way older men who wanted to feed me like a dad wondering if his daughter is getting enough to eat. For example, I went to Urban Beans, a local coffeehouse, which was celebrating a grand opening of its wine bar. My friend and I struck up a great chat with a guy _ Jewish and originally from Long Island _ and his girlfriend. The guy, Andrew, could not have been nicer and was refreshingly BS-free as Long Islanders tend to be. Before we left, I said I wanted a piece of Urban Beans' prize-winning Pink Diablo pie to go. Andrew wanted to get cupcakes and added my order onto his: "I got this for you."
Me: "You don't have to do that!"
Andrew: "I like you guys. You're really sweet."
This came a couple weeks after a random guy (older gentleman) at La Grande Orange offered me some of the extra bacon he got. (Without shame, I took some of his bacon; come on! It's the candy of meat!)
I always seem to attract older men and women wanting to take care of me or have me over for dinner. I went to my friend's aunt's house for Christmas. She doesn't live that far from me and said I could come over if I needed an interim mom.
I appreciate all this attention. But it amuses and perplexes me that a guy might not notice me at a part even if my hair was on fire. Yet, I have all these people doting on me in a parental way. Makes me wonder if I need to bring out my inner "vamp." Gawd do people even use that word anymore? But alas...then I remember, that is not part of my wiring. Well, at least I'll be well-fed.

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