Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just vote already!!

Yes, for those of you who have seen my Facebook photos, I never get tired of posting a picture from these Halloween ghost cupcakes. I made the ghosts myself. Well, not the gum paste, but I used a ghost-shaped cookie cutter and edible ink to draw the little faces.

Anyway, I will do a jig or some kind of happy dance when this presidential election is over! I can't remember when was the last time I was so eager for something to end. Everyone at my office is stressed; we all have these assignments hanging over our heads. A lot of things I'm scheduling for after Tuesday--haircut, working on a travel story, massage. Well, those will all be more enjoyable after Nov. 4 any way. I am bummed that Tuesday, I have to work like noon-midnight. I will have to skip reading at the shelter. So none of my pals there we'll see me for two weeks. At least last night, it was a little bit livelier than usual as we wanted to something special for the kids before Halloween. About five of us, myself included of course, made cupcakes. It was so cool to see all the different flavors and decorations people did. And when they were all out on the table, it was like a great cupcake buffet. I think my heart did skip a beat. :p Not a sight one sees often. I wish I had brought a camera. Anyway, I'm already thinking about what to make when we do a X-mas party for them.

I am hoping lots of people take advantage of early voting so the wait isn't too long at the polls. We'll see. The only thing I'll sort of be disappointed about after the election is over is fewer SNL political specials.

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DragonDan said...

please post video of happy dance...