Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The firefighters and I meet again!

That is me in the driver's seat of a fire engine. On Sunday, there was this street fair (more like a parking lot fair) a few blocks away from mi casa. My mom and I ambled over. It was basically a chance for a lot of local merchants to do some self-promotion. Well, there were of course neighborhood police and fire people there. I saw a bunch of kids climbing around a fire truck so I went over and sure enough, some of the firefighters were the same guys from that dark and stormy night. They were very nice and recognized me right away. But the most important thing is that I finally got some feedback on my cupcakes since I didn't get to see them eat any. They all said they were really good and the only problem was that they ate too many. Aah, music to a baker's ears. They also said if I EVER want to bring more, I should. LOL, I just might. After all, Halloween is coming up. That's like Super Bowl for cake decorators. Anyway, I pointed to the fire truck and asked "Is this what you took me home in?" Yup, it was. So, of course I needed a picture. They offered to lift me up there like they did with the other little kids and I was like "Um...NOOOO." So, that was fun. And my mom got to meet some of them and make fun of me. That's always nice for her.

On a different subject, my last entry should be null and void. The Friday before last, I got a black envelope in the mail. I thought it was a Halloween party invitation. Nope. It was for another wedding!! When will this madness end? I really thought I was done. Oh well. Sheesh, I'm one funeral away (knock on wood) from being a Hugh Grant movie.

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DragonDan said...

You look so happy up there!