Saturday, April 12, 2008

So, April has felt slow to me after ending March on a very festive note with a trip back to the San Francisco Bay for my friend Tony's wedding. What a beautiful, Nor Cal affair. The ceremony and reception were at Fort Mason, which I've never been to before. But what a great backdrop for a wedding.

Actually, last weekend was a little more eventful than I anticipated. I had almost forgotten that I was invited to a pool party for someone who just graduated from the Phoenix Police Academy. The cadet of the hour is the fiance of my friend, Marianne, who I met through the network of Asian American journalists out here. Marianne, ever the creative hostess, had some police-theme games including a donut-eating contest. It would be good if this would continue to be the only "scandalous" thing on the Internet involving myself. If you feel inclined, you can make me out among the group trying to grab a donut while handcuffed. Talk about a futile effort!

Donut eating video

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