Friday, March 21, 2008

My weekend has come back to me.

Forgive me. I need to be vague in case someone from work ever stumbles upon this blog. I think the details of my assignment were given "off the record." So, I don't want too much documentation.

Just two days ago, I was told that I would have to drive somewhere two hours away from Phoenix because a VIP might/might not be there. I would have to sit there from 8 a.m. until sundown, like a policewoman on stakeout, waiting for this person to make a move. Even if it's something as mundane as stepping outside to take a breath, I'd have to call and ask if that was worth a story. Now, I actually wouldn't have minded if this had occurred on the other 100 weekends where I have no social life. But this just happens to be a weekend where I have not one, but two (yipee), friends coming to stay with me. One of them can only stay thru Sunday afternoon. And I had RSVPed yes to a friend's Easter dinner party. So, this whole "assignment" pissed me off royally. The idea I have to give up my weekend and rearrange all these plans and leave visitors to find their own way for a story that may/may not happen. I mean, why not give me a brick wall and I'll bang my head on it several times?! Same thing.

But, this morning at work, we got word on the record that this person was staying put abroad for the weekend. I didn't dare believe it. I was ready to do a jig if that was true. Several phone calls and e-mails later with "sources," I was told the stake-out was canceled. HALLELUJAH!!! But I still have to be "on call" Sunday and can't really drive too far away from Phoenix on the off chance this person shows up. But heck, that beats getting up at the crack of dawn! And now I at least have Sunday morning and most of the afternoon to visit with my friends.

It really is a Happy Easter. A cupcake I made for the occasion below. It's graham cracker cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate shavings and Cadbury mini eggs.

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