Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No such thing as Santa

Excuse me while I vent for a bit. So, at work, we have to sign up next to each week on a calendar grid for time off requests. For some reason, the time between X-mas and New Year's was done in December of last year! So, I totally have no pull on that. I wanted to ask for Tuesday, Dec. 26 off. My co-worker urged me to go ahead and ask anyway because, as she said, "It's Christmas." Alas, I got shot down by my boss right away. So, this means I have to make it back to Phoenix on Christmas Day. Grrr... I suppose I could just spend Christmas here but...COME ON! Holidays are supposed to be spent with family. The only nice thing is my mother was generous enough to agree to fly with me. I don't think I could deal with flying solo back to Phoenix on Christmas, while other people will be with their families. I hope Santa Claus finds other ways to show me some love. Right now, I ain't feeling it.

In the "Oh no you didn't!" department, I caught wind of this via
Angry Asian Man's blog:

Chinese Laundry Bag

Nobody knows laundry like the Chinese? If the copywriter thought he/she was being funny...WRONG.


Jen Azelma said...

You get superhugs for the lame treatment at not getting the 26th off!

And yeah, I was sputtering "oh no, you did not!" as I read the laundry bag ad. Talk about moronic, stereotyping, I can't believe anyone did this, idiocy.

wootang said...

As my dad would say: "That's bad!!"