Tuesday, October 31, 2006


In some ways, Halloween is sooo much cooler than Christmas. For the occasion, I thought I'd experiment-bake. I followed this recipe from my cupcake recipe book for "Buried Alive" cupcakes. See below my rather morbid cupcakes. Gives a new take on 'candy ass.' I was going to stick a leg too but it looked too much like some other body part of the male anatomy. Hope y'all have a great and somewhat spooky day!


jenazelma said...

giggle giggle giggle!

designdork said...

hahahah dude those are some awesome cupcakes!! I feel like it's been like, 2 days since i last checked your blog, but apparently, working 18 hour days makes months go by a LOT quicker than you think! I'm caught up now tho, and am able to reinstate our emails of banter.... so email me cuz i miss you! =D

Segalla said...

Awsome Cupcakes!