Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cookies that are 'cut' out for action (groan I know)

I have Gregory Maguire, the author of "Wicked," to thank for my finding these outrageous cookie cutters. I went to watch him do a reading at Changing Hands Bookstore. The day before, I mentioned my plans to the family living down the street from me. The dad gave me this worn out $20 gift card for the store he had never used. At first, they wouldn't accept it because even the barcode had eroded. But once I convinced them it would be a waste of $20, they gave me a new card. After spending most of the money on something for one of the kids (I couldn't bring myself to spend it all on me), I had a bit extra left. That was when I spotted this set of 3 "Ninjabread Men." I decided it's not offensive in terms of Asian stereotyping because I am Asian. So it goes without saying that coming from me, it can't be seen as racist right?

This whole cookies-racism thing had me overanalyzing for a while. I actually wondered if some people would find it offensive if I used two sprinkles for a ninja's two eyes (the whole Asians have narrow eyes). I decided that might be over-reaching.

Anyway, I found this recipe for chocolate gingerbread men: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/chocolate-gingerbread-men/detail.aspx

The dough was a little too crumbly once it had been chilled. I had to douse some water on it so I could really roll it out.
I will probably make it one more time before Christmas. I have all this molasses now. And Ninjabread men season comes but once a year.


Chancy said...

So....if I made them, would that be racist? I'd be bummed if it were cuz the idea is awesome. I think I'd make them anyway. I mean what is really racist about ninja cookies? Besides who says they are asian behind those masks?

wootang (Terry) said...

No, it wouldn't be racist. Though Asian or not, I wouldn't bring them to any Japanese cultural event unless it was about ninjas, haha.

Anonymous said...

Not only do they look yummy, I bet if you let them sit out a week or two you could throw them like shurikens ;-)(was that racist? 8-/)

wootang (Terry) said...

Ha, that might be somewhat offensive unless I asked a real ninja to throw them.