Monday, June 02, 2008

Baby shower cupcakes

Just wanted to really quickly post photos--not very well-shot--of mini-cakes I made for a baby shower for my cousin, George, and his wife, Fanny. First co-ed baby shower I ever went to. So, first baby shower where sounds of a baseball game on TV could be heard from the background. Anyway, I made chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. And I listened to my much more knowledgeable cousin, Tina, and did not even try to pipe them. Apparently cream cheese icing is usually not pipe-able. Still, I got a lot of compliments on presentation as well as taste. I had the cakes match the invitation. The whole theme was rubber ducks against blue since they are having a boy. No, I did not have time to make ducks out of fondant. But at least I made yellow flowers with orange centers. Doesn't that look like a duck and its bill? OK, no.

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Anonymous said...

fun colors! If i concentrate really hard, i do indeed see the duck.