Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas cupcakes

Not many things give me little moments of giddiness. But there's just something about making cupcakes that show some thought and a tad bit more artistry than your supermarket cupcake that makes me excited. We had an office potluck today. I thought about making something more food-ish like potstickers or a salad. But come on! It's Christmas--a time to be festive. So, of course I picked a time-consuming recipe in terms of the effort and money that would go into decorating it. Plus, last night I still went to a friend's for an impromptu dinner party though I hadn't decorated any of the cupcakes yet. Well, I thought I was going to find the decorating really tiresome but it was so much fun! Very therapeutic too. And the cupcakes turned out so much better than I thought. I think they look better in person than in my pictures.

I got the idea from a recipe book and decided to make my forest look as wintry as I could. I dusted them with powdered sugar, edible glitter and rainbow non-pareils (sprinkles) to look kind of like lights. One of my co-workers wants to "commission" me to make some for her Christmas gathering. I thought she was kidding. But she's serious. Asking me for something like that is definitely one way to flatter me quickly. Anyway, I'm probably going to do it as soon as I figure out how to budget my time. Good thing I'm training for this half marathon. It's the only way I can survive baking so much with a less guilty conscience.

P.S. Forgot to explain that I made the trees by frosting around an ice cream cone. That isn't all frosting!


Segalla said...

WOW!! Those are some amazing cupcakes!!

Tina said...

Nice, Terry! I'm sure your potluck contribution stood out from the rest. I see that you applied your piping techniques from your cake class! It's difficult to see the scale of the trees in your pictures. Perhaps you can put it next to your hand and take another picture. One do you eat it?
Good job, Terry!

suzie said...

Haha, they're gi-normous! And so whimsical and creative Terry, who would've thought of that? Really a wintry wonderland of cupcakes. It looked like you had a lot of fun making them, but that is a LOT of piping, hope you didn't get hand cramps. I think they're adorable. Your passion for cupcakes really shows!

suzie said...

and what's that huge plastic Hello Kitty thingie there in the background?

jen azelma said...

You get a big GOLD star for originality. I have never ever seen anyone work the christmas tree on a cupcake magic in my life! Awesome!