Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Story that comes in 'Spades'

When I woke up yesterday, I wasn't thinking "Gee, maybe I'll talk to David Spade today." Yes, David "Tommy Boy" Spade. Very random. I spotted an item on one of those gossip sites about him supposedly donating $25,000 to the family of a slain Phoenix police officer's family. So, I followed up on it and his publicist hooked me up with him over the phone.

He sounded pretty tired; he was in the middle of shooting an episode of "Rules of Engagement." So, it really was good of him to make time to speak with me. He's always had a soft spot for cops. Some crazed fan broke into his home in LA a few years ago. He very nonchalantly told me how they helped him when someone was trying to kill him. I didn't know how to reply to that.

Professionally, it was good for me as I had a spot story that went on the national wire and People magazine used it too (though the person who recast it for the site gave herself a byline...tsk, tsk). Here's a link to the story:
Comedian David Spade donates $25K to family of slain officer

I just got a reminder this morning that AP staffers who keep social networking sites or blogs need to be careful about what they discuss--no political affiliations or stands on controversial public issues or details of AP internal operations. So far, I think I've been pretty good about that. I'm a registered Independent. I stand for the two-party system--Friday and Saturday nights. Sorry, a cheesy joke I remember from a history/civics textbook. I haven't talked about my co-workers too much--not that there's a lot to say. I've only repeated things they were open about.

Oh, but I would think it's cool to put links to my stories. Speaking of, I just got paid for a feature story I pitched on girls PE incorporating self-defense classes. (Gym classes about playing it safe)
The extra money I made will cover my registration fee for the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon.

My training so far has been going okay. I just need to watch my shins. So far, the longest I've run/walked is still 6.2 miles. There are times where I'm tempted to flake on days I'm supposed to run. I know this is silly but the way I remind myself to stay in check is once a week, I will put on this dress I have. I bought it like four or five years ago. I've never worn it because it's kind of fancy. I tried to put it on last December but the zipper just wouldn't close. In other words, my chest was too big. Well, last month, I found out it will now zip all the way (!) so I must have shed a bit somewhere, right? Anyway, I don't think it's shallow. This is about my health as well as fitting into said dress.

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