Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday Blahs

Aw crap. My birthday is this Thursday. As you can tell, I am not anticipating it with much excitement. I'm talking about the actual day. The weekend will be good as I'm going to Los Angeles. I will hook up with the usual gang of college buddies--and hopefully hit some good cupcake bakeries. I guess I'm being a sourpuss because I'm turning 29 and I wish I could be in my twenties for a few more years. I just remember when this age seemed really, really far a galaxy-long-long-ago far away. I'm not sure where I pictured myself at this age but definitely not in Arizona! I think that's another reason why I feel very gripey (that's not a word, is it?). I know the day will be boring as I have to work and I am in a place that I don't consider home. And nobody here knows me very well. And I'm certainly not going to go around asking for b-day attention like a hobo with a tin cup.

I was thinking about what kind of birthday present I would want. Just for fun...something really out of the ordinary. For example, I would love to spend a day behind the scenes of a bakery or cupcakery and see what it takes to run one and get to use their piping tips and frosting to decorate a few that will actually go up for sale. I actually did write to a bakery here in Phoenix but I never heard back from them. I guess you have to know the owner; they just won't let in your average Joe. (If anyone out there knows a bakery owner, get me in!) Or I would love to have a few lessons in hip hop dancing with a real choreographer. The woman I go to now is okay. But there's no structure and after a while, I feel like I'm learning the same steps in a different order. I'm sure it's not completely true. What else? I wish I could either get a lesson in entertaining or cooking from Martha Stewart herself (yeah, I know she must be anal and nutty, but's Martha!). Maybe someday I can go attend a taping of her show. Another fantasy gift would be to be an extra on the set of the "Superman" sequel or a "Harry Potter" film. Actually, I'd trade Harry Potter for a sit-down with J.K. Rowling. Get free lessons in photography so I could shoot pictures to go with my stories. A free trip to Spain. I guess now that I'm older, I don't care about things but rather...experiences. OK, things can be a nice pick-me-up too.

I remember back in high school, almost every birthday, I got something Disney or Winnie-the-Pooh related from almost everyone I knew. Now, I'm not knocking anything I was given because I was lucky people actually thought of me. But I was kind of like "Is that all people think I'm interested in?" It was at that point, I made a mental note to always keep an open mind for other interests, whether it be hobbies, culture, pop culture, food, etc. I don't want to be associated with one thing. And luckily, I did grow out of the Disney thing more or less. Pooh is still a presence which I'm fine with. However, I draw the line at wearing Pooh (ooh, that sounds weird) except for socks because those are more subtle.

Anyway, I'll just be happy if on Thursday, I do NOT get sent outside for an assignment and it's like 110 degrees. That. Would. Suck. For whomever is reading this, the next time you see me, share what your "fantasy" birthday gift(s) would be. I'd be curious to know.


jen azelma said...

Aww Terry! Well, I hope you're having fun in LA now! My fantasy B-day gift? fun to think of it, erm...tandem hang gliding or an all expense paid trip around the world for one full year with accommodation being my own ensuite room w/ bath throughout(remember, you said "fantasy"), oh and digital photography class by a National Geographic photographer on location in Papau New Guinea watching Birds of Paradise dance.

Anonymous said...

"Pooh is still a presence which I'm fine with."

This is a great sentence! It just cracks me up.

Happy Belated b-day Terry! See you next week.