Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yah for the Bay!

How funny that I've been staying up late to watch Conan O'Brien to get a taste of home, or the Bay Area in general. Conan is broadcasting his show from the Orpheum Theater in SF this week. I had to watch at least his first show Monday night. Here are some of the jokes from his monologue (a bit rocky at first):

After entering on a small-scale version of the Golden Gate Bridge: "How's that for a replica? We had a replica of the Bay Bridge, but it collapsed."

"San Francisco--the only city where marijuana is legal but plastic bags aren't."

"Mayor Newsom sent me some flowers. Very nice. When I called to thank him, he said they were really for my wife."

He did really funny comedy bits from Coit Tower ("I'm just going to run up inside because it looks like a giant penis."), Washington Square where all the elderly Chinese do Tai Chi (he actually tried to do a fan dance exercise) and my favorite, Chinatown where nobody recognized him. He ended with the most important attraction of all--besides the transgender, TransAmerica pyramid--the house from "Full House." It was especially amusing--and a tad creepy--when Bob Saget actually answered the door. I'm glad SF is getting a nice shot of publicity from Conan.

Speaking of Chinese attractions...I was flipping through today's Arizona Republic. They just put out their "Best of" Calendar issue where they publish readers' votes for every kind of food, drink and entertainment place. I saw for Best Chinese Restaurant that P.F. Chang's was a runner-up. Are you freaking kidding me???!! And another runner-up was this place called Flo's which looks like an upscale restaurant that markets to non-Chinese. The winner was a place called China Chili that is actually run by a Chinese man. Still, I ate there a couple weeks ago. The food wasn't any better than Great Wall, the place owned by my aunt. Metro Phoenix's idea of Chinese food again reminds me of why this place has a long way to go before it can match the cosmopolitan feel of San Fran.

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