Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No idling on 'Idol'

The latest "hard-news" story the bureau had me working on yesterday was a piece on "American Idol," namely the contestant from Glendale, Ariz. Jordin Sparks. A name that will be part of my consciousness for a while. She's pretty talented and she's only 17 years old!

I wish her much success. However, is it wrong that the lazy part of me wouldn't mind if she didn't make it to the top two? This means I will have to cover her and the show for a loooong time to come. I know, you guys probably think it's strange since I'm Ms. Entertainment Reporting. But I just never have been able to get into "American Idol." Sometimes it's so manufactured and ridiculous. Mediocre performers get their 15 minutes and that bugs me. And not that I don't think Jordin deserves success, but the idea that I may have to forego my Tuesday night at the shelter to drive an hour in traffic to Glendale to attend one of the city's viewing parties...I'd rather go to the dentist. And I'll probably have to go cover some cheesy events when she comes back after the show's over. Don't these winners always get things like a day named in their honor, a key to the city, a Swiss bank account, etc.

Here's a link to my story. It's a profile on Jordin, how the city has been promoting her and the Jordin loyalists--they're not all tween girls!

Fans wish Idol contestant sweet success

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