Thursday, February 15, 2007

I did it all by myself!

This is probably nothing for most people who have a flair for assembling stuff. But, I am patting--nay, slapping--myself on the back. I put the frame for the futon you see together without any help. OK, so it took me a couple of hours. With only one pair of hands, things kept slipping when I tried to screw them in. There was nobody around to hold it for me. OK, this might have been my second night working on this futon. I bought it for $99 from these guys who "import" furniture (if the word import can apply to bringing things in from CA) mainly because they said they'd be willing to drop it off at the buyer's residence. So yesterday, I dashed home during my lunch hour and this guy named Louie shows up in a very shabby Buick-like car with the box with all the frame parts tied to the roof. But Louie turned out to be pretty nice. He assured me ANYBODY could put the frame together. Sure didn't feel like it last night. I only did Step 2 out of four steps and I was having such a hard time, I found myself having a dialogue with God, asking him why I was so tool-challenged.

So, I felt all the more accomplished when I finished a couple of hours ago. Also felt a little dorky because I jumped up and down going "I did it! I did it! And...nobody else is here." Still, it was a nice feeling. All my life, I've usually waited for someone else i.e. my dad to jump in and do things like dismantle my bed and put it back together in whatever apartment I was moving into during my college years. It's kind of cool seeing what little challenges living solo brings you. Anyway, pictures of my new digs to come.

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