Saturday, August 19, 2006

Looking for normal (healthwise)

Well, I think I'm starting to get back to feeling like my old self. Even my appetite is starting to come back. Earlier this week, I barely made a dent in some baked chicken I ordered and couldn't stomach a burrito at the Pink Taco in Scottsdale, which I went to for the first time. In case you didn't know, Pink Taco is a synonym for part of the female anatomy. Supposedly, there is a pink taco dish in Mexico that resembles know. Anyhoo, today my aunt Karen took me to a Chinese buffet (you will not believe how many of those there are in Phoenix). I started out small with just soup, rice and vegetables. Soon, I found myself chomping on a fried chicken drumstick, two crispy wings, two crab puffs, and two little pieces of sesame chicken. After lunch, we went on to a bridal shower for Nancy, my (distant) cousin Darrell's fiancee. There I wolfed down a chocolate strawberry and a piece of ice cream cake--peanut butter chocolate with white cake. I think it's a safe bet I probably gained back the weight I lost after I got sick.

The bridal shower was expectedly girly and festive. But I admit, sometimes I'm a sucker for that stuff. Nancy's high school pal threw the party at her house in Paradise Valley, a really ritzy burb next to Phoenix. Her house was amazing; I felt like I was at a party in a Martha Stewart Living spread. Mediterranean, Spanish style house with granite counters and a granite island in the kitchen. Her friend clearly loves to throw parties. She threw all the takeout food in shiny chafing dishes to make it presentable and had tropical-theme decorations and favors. It was all very organized and pristine. Makes me want to throw a party. Anyone out there in need of a bridal shower/party planner?

Wednesday night, I set foot in a Wal-Mart for the first time. Ever. I just wanted to see what the attraction was. My first impression, it's like Target but bigger and rowdier. Yeah, it's nice they have a lot of affordable stuff feels a little sterile and less classy. Not that I blame people for shopping there. I will be going to the dark side from time to time. As a hobbyist baker, I'd definitely go there for baking stuff; their spices and everything are incredibly cheap. I bought myself a 24-cup cupcake carrier. Yes, it sounds ridiculous but I like the idea of making cupcakes and transporting them easily. And it just looks so handy.

Well, it looks like this weekend, I should be able to eat some of the ice cream I won. Woo-hoo! Can't wait.

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jenazelma said...

can't wait to stuff my face w/ ice crweam! (scream scream!) thanks for your prize-winning writing terry!