Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No hablo china, por favor.

Saw the season finale of "Veronica Mars." Palms-down the best TV show on right now. Ok, that was random. Time to switch gears.

So, this past weekend, I ate at a Mexican fusion place called Barrio Cafe and dim sum at The Great Wall. Guess where I ended up using my so-so Spanish-speaking skills? Yup, the Chinese restaurant. Funny how things work out.

Barrio Cafe is this very popular Mexican restaurant in a somewhat sketchy area. My roommate warned me that in there back parking lot is where someone broke a window in her car. Even my Aunt Karen told us not to go there. But, the place has such a reputation, I was determined to go. My mom and I just parked across the street in this Mexican strip mall and jay-walked like everyone else around Phoenix does so well. Barrio has an artsy Mexican decor and despite the neighborhood, all the customers were white. I only saw one Mexican and he was an employee. Food-wise, this eatery has a special place in my stomach. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. So, I can't show the food. But if anyone knows of a Mexican restaurant in the Bay Area where you can get churros stuffed with caramel made with goat's milk with vanilla ice cream and candied pecan bits on the side, please let me know!

The next day, we took my roommate Gaby out for dim sum. She had never tried it before. And if you know my mom, you know that is a travesty she must correct. When it comes to Chinese food, the woman can go all Jehovah's Witness on you. At the table next to ours sat three Chinese guys. They were joined belatedly by two Mexican guys. One of the Chinese men was their boss and he invited them to lunch. One of the Mexican dudes started chatting with Gaby. Guess he was drawn in because we were the only other table with Chinese and Mexican groups being represented. But he was really surprised when I started speaking Spanish too. It was really odd for him to hear espanol coming out of my mouth. He said I should teach Chinese to Gaby. And that's when I had to shamefully admit my Spanish was much better than my Cantonese. If Gaby wants to learn Chinese, she's better off hanging out in Ranch 99. Yup, Phoenix has an interesting make-up of people.

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Lagatta said...

"When it comes to Chinese food, the woman can go all Jehovah's Witness on you."

This line amused the hell out of me... though, strangely, "Scientologist" would have worked just as well. Anyhoo, it finally nudged me from "lurking" to commenting status.

Hey there, stranger. Glad to hear you're doing so well in Phoenix! I'll be down there for my cousin's wedding in December... and would love to meet up with you then.

Guess it's a little early to be talking about December, huh? Hmmm. Well, you're welcome up to Seattle anytime!